The Aniceto Project

Project overview

The field of economy and finance is a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume, and a highly valuable business product by itself. A massive amount of valuable information is produced worldwide every day, but no one is able to process it all. Efficient filtering, search, and browsing mechanisms are needed by information consumers to access the contents that are most relevant for their business profile, and run through them in an effective way.

Aniceto is a joint project involving a content provider in this field and two academic institutions, whose purpose is to achieve an improvement in current Internet-based economic information management practice by adopting Semantic Web technologies and standards in a real setting. The project aims at the development of an ontology-based platform for economic and financial content management, search and delivery.

The specific technical goals of the project are:
  • Define an ontology for the economic and financial information domain.
  • Develop ontology-aware tools for content provision and management.
  • Develop a hypermedia-based module for content visualization and semantic navigation in web portals.
  • Support semantic search in terms of the economic and financial information ontology.
  • Include a user modeling component to be used in navigation and search.
The ontology classes and properties have been created with Protegé 2.0 in RDF format. The current version includes 196 classes and 99 properties. The application modules have been built using Jena 2.1. The knowledge base includes 180,831 instances and 2,705,827 statements, taking 1.3 Gb in the MySQL Jena format.

The project was funded in 2003 by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, Grant FIT-150500-2003-309.

Project participants

Contact: Pablo Castells, Borja Foncillas


Information Retrieval Group

Pablo Castells
José María Fuentes
Javier Bravo
Mariano Rico

Borja Foncillas
Juan Luis Alonso
Institute of Computer ScienceUniversity of Innsbruck
Rubén Lara

Project publications

P. Castells, M. Fernández, D. Vallet. An Adaptation of the Vector-Space Model for Ontology-Based Information Retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 19(2), February 2007.
Draft version: PDF

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Extended version: PDF

J. L. Alonso, C. Carranza, P. Castells, B. Foncillas, R. Lara, M. Rico. Semantic Web Technologies for Economic and Financial Information Management. 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2003), Poster Session. Fort Myers, Florida, October 2003.
PDF (abstract)
PDF (poster)

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PDF (abstract)
PDF (poster)

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