News: Thanks to all the participants for making the workshop an inspiring and successful event. We have made the slides available for select presentations on the program page.

While content-based recommendation has been applied successfully in many different domains, it has not seen the same level of attention as collaborative filtering techniques have. In recent years, competitions like the Netflix Prize, CAMRA, and the Yahoo! Music KDD Cup 2011 have spurred on advances in collaborative filtering and how to utilize ratings and usage data. However, there are many domains where content and metadata play a key role, either in addition to or instead of ratings and implicit usage data. For some domains, such as movies the relationship between content and usage data has seen thorough investigation already, but for many other domains, such as books, news, scientific articles, and Web pages we do not know if and how these data sources should be combined to provided the best recommendation performance.

The CBRecSys 2014 workshop aims to address this by providing a dedicated venue for papers dedicated to all aspects of content-based recommendation. This would include both recommendation in domains where textual content is abundant (e.g., books, news, scientific articles, jobs, educational resources, Web pages, etc.) as well as dedicated comparisons of content-based techniques with collaborative filtering in different domains. Other relevant topics related to content-based recommendations could include opinion mining for text/book recommendation, semantic recommendation, content-based recommendation to alleviate cold-start problems, as well as serendipity, diversity and cross-domain recommendation. To facilitate exploration of these topics the workshop will feature an in-workshop challenge on book recommendation.