We encourage two types of submissions to the workshop: (1) submissions dedicated to one or more aspects of content-based recommendation, and (2) submissions describing their participation in the book recommendation challenge or that use the book recommendation data in an alternative manner. We encourage submissions from diverse backgrounds and aim to promote the exchange of ideas between researchers working in the abovementioned areas.

For both types of submissions, we welcome more mature ideas and approaches as long papers (8 pages) and preliminary work as short papers (4 pages).

Papers have to be submitted via the EasyChair system through the following URL:


Camera-ready formatting instructions

The camera-ready version of your accepted CBRecSys 2014 submission should be prepared according to the standard double-column ACM SIG proceedings format. Long paper submissions have a maximum length of 8 pages, short papers of maximum 4 pages.

Additional information about formatting and style files are available online (tighter alternate style).

Camera-ready papers must be electronically submitted to the CBRecSys EasyChair web site by 11:59pm Central European Time on Thursday September 4th, 2014. Please submit both your final PDF file as well as all source files (i.e., your original Word document or all LaTex and image files required to produce said PDF file).

The CBRecSys 2014 workshop will not request the copyright transfer from the authors. Therefore, in the camera-ready versions of the workshop papers, please simply replace the ACM copyright block by the following two lines:

   CBRecSys 2014, October 6, 2014, Silicon Valley, CA, USA.
   Copyright remains with the authors and/or original copyright holders.

If you use LaTeX to prepare your camera-ready version, please include the following information in your TeX-source:

   \conferenceinfo{CBRecSys 2014,} {October 6, 2014, Silicon Valley, CA, USA.}
   \global\copyrightetc{Copyright \the\copyrtyr\ by the author(s)}

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.