Topics of interest

The papers and discussion at the workshop are expected to address –though need not be limited to– the following topics:

  • Modeling novelty and diversity in recommender systems.
    • Theoretical foundation for novelty and diversity.
    • Recommendation novelty and diversity models.
    • Popularity, risk, surprisal, serendipity, freshness, discovery.
    • Link to diversity models in Information Retrieval.
  • Novelty and diversity enhancement.
    • Diversification methods.
    • Recommendation of long-tail and difficult items, cold-start problem.
    • Individual vs. global diversity.
    • Machine Learning for novelty and diversity.
  • Novelty and diversity across recommendations.
    • Novelty and diversity in sequential recommendation.
    • Novelty and diversity in interactive recommendation.
    • Aggregate diversity.
    • Novelty and diversity in time and context.
    • Novelty and trust.
  • Novelty and diversity evaluation.
    • Experimental methodologies and design.
    • Novelty and diversity metrics.
    • Datasets.
    • User studies.
  • Business perspective on novelty and diversity.
DiveRS 2011 - 1st International Workshop on Novelty and Diversity in Recommender Systems
5th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2011)
Chicago, IL, USA, 23 October 2011