Topics of interest

The goal of the workshop is to organise a multidisciplinary event for researchers and specialists from different areas of Artificial Intelligence, interested in the extraction and exploitation of semi-structured online information sources. It aims to be a forum for the presentation and discussion of shared problems and techniques from different disciplines, seeking to stir synergies and collaborations among participants, under the common frame of semi-structured information: how can it be obtained? From which online information sources? How can it be processed and elaborated? What can it be used for? How can it be applied? Which research areas and applications can make a better use of structured information?

We invite the submission of papers analysing techniques to build structured information from the Web, including –as of particular interest- social media sources, such as social networks, blogs, forums, wikis, and folksonomies. Papers analysing the practical aspects of the exploitation of automatically extracted knowledge are also welcome, in particular, those proposing and analysing specific methods, tools, and techniques from stable Artificial Intelligence disciplines.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Structure extraction from online sources

Methods, tools, and techniques to extract structured information from the Web, involving aspect such as:

  • Automatic entity recognition
  • Attribute extraction
  • Recognition of semantic relations
  • Semantic annotation of Web texts
  • Automatic building and population of ontologies
  • Semantic enrichment in social networks
  • Semantic annotation of blogs, wikis, and forums
  • Semantic extension of folksonomies

Exploitation of semi-structured information

Analysis, methods and experiences in the exploitation of semi-structured information in areas including –but not limited to- the following:

  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Automatic reasoning
  • Information retrieval
  • Recommender systems
  • User modelling and personalisation
  • Opinion mining and sentiment analysis
  • Multimedia: image and video semantic processing

Knowledge Extraction and Exploitation from semi-Structured Online Sources (KEESOS 2011)
XIV Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA 2011)
7th-11th November 2011 | Tenerife, Spain