Our team participates in the following ongoing projects:

  • FIT (PID2019-108965GB-I00) – Beyond static recommendation: fairness, interaction and transparency.

Past projects include:

  • TIN2016-80630-P – Recomendación en medios sociales: contexto, diversidad y sesgo algorítmico.
  • MyStreetBook – Software de recomendación para turismo inteligente.
  • Voxpopuli (TIN2013-47090-C3-2): Efficient reputation analysis, propagation and recommendation in social network environments. Coordinated project with UNED (coordinator) and University of A Coruña.
  • Expert2IC – Sistema experto big data de inteligencia colectiva para la detección de patrones de comportamiento y perfiles en redes sociales. Project led by Jobssy, partially funded by CDTI.
  • MUMIA (COST IC1002): Multilingual and multifaceted interactive information access.
  • Predict (TIN2011-28538-C02): Novelty, diversity, context and time: new dimensions in next-generation information retrieval and recommender systems. Coordinated project with University of Granada, led by the IR Group at Autónoma University of Madrid.
  • MA2VICMR (S2009/TIC-1542): Improving the access, analysis and visibility of information and multilingual / multimedia content.
  • RIM3 (TIN2008-06566-C04-02): Information Retrieval on different media based on multidimensional models: relevance, novelty, personalization and context. Coordinated project with University of Granada (coordinator) and University of A Coruña.
  • ReSHeT (CCG10-UAM/TIC-5877): Recommender Systems in the Social Web: Heterogeneity and the Time Dimension.
  • i3media (CENIT-2007-1012): Technologies for automated intelligent audiovisual content creation and management.
  • MESH (FP6-027685): Multimedia semantic syndication for enhanced news services.
  • aceMedia (FP6-001765): Integrating knowledge, semantics and content for user-centred intelligent media services.
  • S5T (TIN2005-06885): Scaleable semantic personalised search of spoken and written contents on the Semantic Web.
  • Red Temática de Web Semántica (TSI2006-26928-E, TSI2007-29712-E).
  • FIT-350400-2006-5 – Deep Web indexing and retrieval technologies.
  • Avicena (FIT-350300-2005-33, FIT-350300-2006-27): A knowledge management system for clinical practice guideline support in distributed healthcare processes.
  • CDTI 05-0436 – Semantic Web Services for e-Finance.
  • FIT-340000-2005-256 – XBRL taxonomies and OWL ontologies for the description, management and analysis of mutual funds.
  • FIT-150500-2003-511 – A Semantic Web platform for news archive management.
  • FIT-150500-2003-309 – Semantic Web technologies for Economic and Financial Information Management.

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