14:30 Welcome and introduction
14:35 Keynote

Mitul Tiwari, Staff Research Engineer and Engineering Manager at LinkedIn

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Paper session
Measuring Surprise in Recommender Systems (20 min) Paper Slides

M. Kaminskas and D. Bridge

Unifying Inconsistent Evaluation Metrics in Recommender Systems (10 min)(5 min) Paper Slides Video

M. Izadi, A. Javari and M. Jalili

The Comparability of Recommender System Evaluations and Characteristics of Docear's Users (10 min) Paper Slides

S. Langer and J. Beel

Evaluation of User’s Engagement with a Movie Recommender System (20 min)(5 min) Paper Video

M. G. Armentano, S. Schiaffino and A. Amandi

Evaluation of Recommender Systems in Streaming Environments (10 min) Paper Slides

J. Vinagre, A. M. Jorge and J. Gama

17:00 Concluding Session / Discussion
17:30 End of workshop