International Workshop on Social, Adaptive and Personalized Multimedia Interaction and Access (SAPMIA 2010)

29 th October 2010, Florence, Italy


The main goal of this workshop will be to present, discuss and develop new adaptation and personalization approaches from which users of multimedia can benefit. The hope is that, by attracting researchers from multiple research areas, we will share expertise, knowledge and difficulties, and that this merging of knowledge will lead to the discovery of the common problems that exist for researchers in different areas. Ultimately this will encourage new and innovative solutions for these common problems and hopefully open new research topics in the Multimedia Access domain.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Personalization and Adaptation of Multimedia Content

  • Personalized access to multimedia content
  • Multimedia content-based recommendation and collaborative filtering
  • Interactive multimedia systems
  • Semantic technologies for multimedia content personalization and adaptation
  • Adaptive models for exploration of multimedia archives: adaptive browsing, collaborative search
  • Adaptive user interfaces for multimedia browsing and searching
  • Sentiment analysis on multimedia systems
  • Evaluation of adaptive multimedia systems

Social Networks on Multimedia Applications

  • Social networks analysis to multimedia content personalization and adaptation
  • Multimedia interaction in networked communities
  • Social multimedia applications (e.g. P2P applications, Multimedia broadcasting, social collections & networking, lifelogging)

Distributed Media

  • Ubiquitous access to multimedia content and pervasive multimedia content delivery
  • Techniques for robust and scalable distribution of multimedia content
  • Robust distribution of multimedia services over heterogeneous networks and access technologies


Affiliated Projects

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