Topics of interest

SocialObjects workshop is an opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners to report on current work and experiments, and to discuss new challenges and opportunities w.r.t. the paradigm described above. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Typology and representation of social objects
  • Generation and analysis of objects centered networks
  • Dynamics and patterns of social networks with different social objects
  • Properties of social objects: value as social connectors, forms of social connections they enable, longevity of their social connections, etc.
  • Social objects as connectors between cross-domain social networks/communities
  • Semantics of social objects-based links
  • Characteristics of social interactions w.r.t type and properties of object
  • Building interaction profiles around social objects
  • Identifying interests and social connections through social objects
  • Privacy and ethical issues to do with social object networks acquisition and analysis
  • Augmentation of social object knowledge based on social interactions

1st International Workshop on Social Object Networks (SocialObjects 2011)
3rd IEEE Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom 2011)
9th-11th October 2011 | Boston, MA, USA