Ruben Lara, Ph.D.

I am an R&D project manager at Telefonica R&D, the biggest R&D company in Spain in terms of projects and investment, 100% owned by Telefonica.

I have a research background (as my Ph.d. degree demonstrates), combined with some years of experience in industry.

My current research interests include user modelling, formal semantics and reasoning, social network analysis, and recommender systems. In the past I have focused on the application of formal semantics to SOA and I'm being involved in the Web Service Modelling Ontology (WSMO) working group, being a co-author of the WSMO submission to the W3C.

Even though this home page is written entirely in English, I am originally from Madrid, Spain and currently live here. I plan to have Spanish version of this site as well, but I just need time...

For more information on my profile, including past experience and interests, you might also visit my LinkedIn public profile

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